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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Game: Last Letter, First Letter

Today I'm kind of in a mood for a game so I'm posting a game thread for you guys today. Today's game is called Last Letter, First Letter. We've played this game a few times in the past. Basically in this game a user post a word then other users will post a word starting with the last letter of a previous word.


JB: Horse

Celina: Element 

🎂🎂Happy Birthday The Slyness-Sly Fox-Papicakes!!!


G'day everyone!

We have a birthday to celebrate today!! It's Sly's birthday!

Let's all make it a great one for him and send some special Birthday wishes his way!

Happy Birthday Sly!! 🎉

Hoping it's a a great day for you and wishing you many, many more!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

⛄Ask Frosty A Question🐕

 ⛄Ask Frosty A Question🐕

Frosty loves people and is not shy at all. For some reason he wanted to give you all a chance to ask him some questions. For the purpose of this we will be turning on Frosty's Bark to Speech Translator. Feel free to ask away and have some fun with it. Also Frosty wanted you all to post some pictures of other dogs. He specifically said he was hoping to see some bitches. His words not mine.😁 Also if you want to post dogs chasing cats Frosty likes this too.


This thread idea came a while ago from Pecan Gal. TY!

Do You Cut Your Pancakes/Waffles/ French Toast Before Or After You Put The Syrup On? 🥞🧇

As I was having some French Toast for lunch today, I got to wondering if people put their syrup on before or after the cut their pancakes, waffles, or French Toast? Me personally I like to cut my pancakes, waffles, and French Toast so they can soak in the syrup. That and so I don't dirty the knife even more, lol. So which do you prefer doing more? Also which of the three do you like the best, I like pancakes.

🎵Songs That Fit Your Current Mood🎶

 Rise & Shine S&F!

The past few week have been very tough for me because I had a health scare. I'm not going to get into it, but it was a bad time for me. I acted normal on here because I was trying to not think about it anymore than I had to. Anyways my dark days are over and life feels great again! SHELLY IS HAPPY ONCE AGAIN!!!!! Time to do the happy dance and play happy songs! My current mood is really joyful! 

So let us know how your feeling today by posting songs that fit your current mood

Monday, October 26, 2020

Do You Forget Where You Place A Item Sometimes?

Sometimes there's a item we place somewhere and we forget where we left the item. Sometimes it's a item we usually put in a certain spot but put it somewhere else because we're in a hurry. Or it could be someone else put the item in another spot. For example a frying pan wasn't in the usual spot so it took me a few minutes to find it. So has this happened to you where you forget where you put a item?

What's Your Halloween Name?


Good morning all!

It's that time of year again to find out what our Halloween name is. I lucked out and found a new chart for us to do this year. My Halloween name is, Wicked Tombstone Princess LOOL! I love my new Halloween name! 

Alrighty your turn! Let us know in the comments what your Halloween name is.